Meal Protein Quotes

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slide1The latest information about prices of Protein Meal Quotes.Prices are indicational, depending on the current exchange rate and CBOT quotes.


In the past we based on three categories:

1) Rapeseed quotations

2) Meal protein quotations

3) Other goods quotations

For each of the groups additional stock quotes were displayed.


stare-sruta bialkowa

 "Previous presentation of meal protein offers"



Due to dynamic changes of situation on the cereals market, we decided that the best solution would be to aim for clarity and easy access to our offers. For this reason we focused on two distinct services: MATIF-CBOT exchange rates as well as purchase and sales offers.


Such separation allowed us to use automatic synchronize mechanism for offers, which means that whenever offer is made in database it simultaneously appears on the website. Additionally we introduced: graphics module – offers presentation on google maps - filtering module - displaying offers according to your criteria.


Full list of rapeseed offers is available along with additional details and parameters in the top menu panel -> Services -> Grains offers.


 "Table with a detailed description of selected offers"