About us

We have been on the market since 2008. Since then we have established solid relationships with national and foreign contractors and participated in significant grains purchase and sale transactions. We have organised an annual Gdańsk Grain Exchange since 2009. Z. Ohler brokerage company is also a part of Gafta international organisation, as well as a member of The Grain and Feed Chamber.


Why a broker?

A grain market broker is an expert who supports purchase and sale transactions of grains or oilseeds. As an intermediary between the parties, a broker always looks for the most interesting and optimal offers. A broker also often operates under great pressure, providing his clients with specified quantity of a product with a clearly stated price and often with a short deadline. With the good of our Clients in mind, we act effectively and analyse each case in detail, and we play a key role in the trade process of grains and products thereof.


Our team includes experienced and qualified experts whose knowledge goes hand in hand with full engagement in every transaction. Choosing our services, our Client can count on professional care on all stages of any activity related to grain trade.

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