How do brokers operate?

A broker constitutes an important link between entities buying and selling, providing them with exactly what they need in their business activity at a particular time. Both the buyer and the seller may look for the same product day by day, however, so many offers appear on the market every day that it is not always possible to find the most optimal one. A co-operation with a broker equals saving time and money in this case. A broker monitors changes in domestic and international markets on a daily basis. The job also includes looking for offers in the market and ultimately selecting the most suitable ones for the client. Oil mills, feed producers and mills look for grains in a specific quantity, price and time? A broker will find a trade partner and will help in an effective conclusion of a transaction. Is there a lack of product in the nearest area? A broker will find an advantageous offer also in remote areas, with addition of cost-effective transport. Participation of a brokerage company in this type of co-operation is indispensable for the effective running of the trade.

Who is the broker?
What does a broker’s work in our company look like?

A broker is a person who works for the benefit of the Client. His task is to support an investor in his or her activities. Our brokerage company employs qualified experts in order to work effectively in the market of grain, oilseeds and products thereof. We have operated on domestic and international market for many years and co-operated with both significant European companies and smaller importers or farms. We intermediate in the sale of even 900,000 tones of grain and products thereof annually, taking care of proper execution of each concluded contract. Despite trading considerable quantities, we guarantee advantageous prices and contract arrangements. Effectiveness is essential for us. We regularly monitor the market, but also share information regarding the situation in the trade and negotiate when an argument or difficulty in achieving satisfactory agreement arises. Grain market broker’s work is based on activities related to finding advantageous purchase offers. As an intermediary between grain producers and recipients we are prepared to conduct negotiations on the basis of received information concerning current stock exchange quotations. After establishing satisfactory final conditions of a contract, we also handle the issuance of necessary documentation for a buyer, whether it is a person or a company. With financial well-being of our Clients in mind, we guarantee clear co-operation conditions each time, including commission charge set in advance. We are prepared to work under time pressure and look for contractors in all available markets, finding only offers appropriate for every party. A contract is deemed carried out correctly and finished after conclusion of necessary financial and documentation settlements.